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Chrome Installation

Note: Brave and other Chromium-based browsers should work.


  • Zip-extraction tool
    • For Linux and MacOS users, this comes built-in.
    • For Windows users, 7zip works best.


  • Download the latest extension zip file from here

  • Open the File Explorer and go to the folder where you downloaded the zip file

  • Use your zip-extraction tool of choice and extract the contents of the zip file

  • Note: If an existing version of GM Cheems is already extracted there, you can either delete it first, then extract the zip file, or you could extract the zip file and overwrite the existing files, if that is an option

  • Open Chrome and go to the Extensions page

  • On the top right corner, you should see "Developer mode". Enable it.

  • Click "Load Unpacked" on the top left corner

  • In the Dialog Window, find the folder where you extracted the zip file into and select it

  • GM Cheems should now be installed

No Chrome Webstore?

In the past, GM Cheems was hosted on the Chrome Webstore, and life was easy, but then Google rage-quit and took it down, so now we have to install and update the extension manually.