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New in 0.12!

This guide will show you how to create a Streamproof setup using OBS.

Step 1 - Use Window Capture on OBS

Use only one window and use Window Capture on OBS to stream it. This window will be referred to as the Stream Window.

Step 2 - Hide the GM Cheems Overlay

You can do this by going to the Options page. Click on Sidebar Menu > Options or click the GM Cheems Extension icon in the toolbar.

In the Streamproof Settings page, uncheck "Show GM Cheems Overlay in web page".

Now, the GM Cheems sidebar and arrows will no longer be shown inside the web page, for all tabs.

Close the options page and go back to the Stream Window.

Step 3 - Open Developer Tools

In the Stream Window, open the DevTools by pressing F12 or click Chrome Menu > More Tools > Developer Tools

As you can see, the DevTools will show up in OBS, which leads us to the next step.

Step 4 - Undock the Developer Tools

Click the "Undock into separate window" option in the DevTools.

Now, if you look back at OBS, DevTools should not show up.

Step 5 - Open the GM Cheems tab in the DevTools

The GM Cheems tab will usually be located at the end of the DevTools tabs.

If you don't see it, it's probably hidden in the "Extra Tabs" menu

Step 6 - Prosper

You now have a solid Streamproof setup! 🎉

If you have multiple monitors, you can have your Stream Window on one screen and DevTools on the other.

Preventing Leaks

Do not pin the GM Cheems icon

This might be obvious, but don't pin the extension icon in the toolbar, otherwise it'll show up in OBS.

Disable autoplay

Also obvious.

Never use Screen Capture

Only use Window Capture, to prevent other windows from showing up on stream.

Don't open the Options menu from DevTools

Opening the Options menu from the DevTools will cause the GM Cheems options page to show up in the Stream Window.

Instead, open another Chrome window, one that doesn't show up on OBS, and click the GM Cheems extension toolbar icon to get to the Options.

2 monitors 1 Webcam

If you're using two screens and you have your webcam on, don't put DevTools on the 2nd monitor.

People will see that you are glancing over to your other monitor.